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October 15, 2007


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Now I have to admit that I really really really did not like meatloaf as a kid and have not touched it since I moved out of my parents home...

My mom made a basic one of minced meat, onions, breadcrumbs, egg and whatever dried herbs were handy. It was baked in a glass ovenproof dish or a bread tin...

The reason I disliked it was the onion - this was only coarsely chopped and there was no way to avoid the stuff in the meatloaf as it was so evenly distributed in the final product.

As a kid (and to a lesser extent as an adult) I absolutely detested the texture of onion - I don't mind the taste but the texture does nothing short of horrify and gross me out, which is why it is always incredibly finely chopped/grated in any dish I put it in to this day... (yes, I am strange I know).

This recipe looks like a very nicely souped up version of the meatloaves of my childhood and I just might give it a go once suitable onion disguising initiatives have been actioned...


That looks pretty good! I like the idea of sun dried tomatoes and provolone cheese in a meatloaf.

It looks like you cooked it formed on a pan rather than in a loaf so that the grease can drip off.


Robert - welcome back - have you been travelling or just innundated with work? Your meat loaf experiences as a child sound not unlike our own. The joys of meat loaf sandwiches have enabled us to move on though!

Kevin - that is exactly how we cooked it. I have made some meat loaves (even using so-called lean meats) which ended up sitting in a pool of grease. Ewwwww!


Hi Jerry,

I am in the process of moving my belongings back to London in preparation of moving myself back there early next year, and in between still trying to stay awake long enough to get my work done.

After the dismal summer we have been blessed with the most wonderful Indian summer that is still continuing so we are getting much higher visitor numbers at work than normal, plus some animals are breeding later into the year so that is keeping us on our toes too (we had a litter of 8 piglets 3 weeks ago and have a hunting dog due to give birth anytime now).

I have not had much inclination to blog as a result, but have been checking out your posts evey few days still.


Robert - I didn't know that you were on a farm. That is a lot of work on top of everything else that you are doing!

Take time to enjoy life too!


I am actually in a Zoo Gerry. Much like a farm except some of the animals have teeth and claws...

The Zoo here in Dublin has been known for years amongst its staff as the 'largest open air asylum in Ireland' - that might give you an idea of how crazy it can get in here at times...


Robert - that is coo (well, the zoo part anyway - not the crazy part!) LOL

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