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June 26, 2008


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María I.

It looks so delicious! I’ll try this recipe soon. Thanks! I mostly eat salads and cold or room temperature dishes in the summer. My sister-in-law is from Thailand and is a chef. She makes the most delicious beef salad. She also makes a tasty sardine salad. Not for everyone but I’m of Italian and Spanish heritage so I eat sardines and anchovies.

I love reading your blog, Jerry!


I absolutely hate cucumbers and cannot digest them at all, but I LOVE the bowl!!!


Maria - thanks! You are so lucky to have a chef int he fmaily. I am jealous. But a thai chefr - ARGH

Palma - I shall add that to the list of things NOT to serve if you ever find Canada on a map.


What a great post for WHB! I love the sound of this salad too, and I have lots of mint (I should say LOTS of mint!)


Kalyn - that is why we only ever plant our mint in pots . . . it does tend to take over the place! *smile*


Sounds delicious. I freak out whenever I run out of fish sauce.


We plant mint down by the pool and it makes great ground cover and smells heavenly! It does take over everything...

How hot is this salad? I like things mildly hot, but I do like Thai flavors...what changes would you make for someone who isn't really all that into very spicy? Just thought I would ask...the recipe looks great.


I've been using a lot of mint lately - even made a risotto with pease and mint the other day. YUM

I didn't find the salad hot at all - the jalapenos we get up here at this time of year have a mild heat. Unfortunately, the only well to tell if a pepper is hot before you use it is to eat a bit - OUCH - this can lead to some excitment I have discovered. *smile*

Actually - mom was here for dinenr that night and she didn't find it hot at all either so it must have been OK. You could always cut back a bit if you were worried.


It wasn't bad at all...I just added a little and then tasted and then added a little more and thought, "Okay, time to stop." It was refreshing and great...thanks!


That's is the way to do it Kayte - experiment and play with the recipe to make it work for you. It is rare for me to follow recipes verbatum!

nursery plants

Its really great.....I tried it. and make this again.

Janice Black

Jerry, would you mind if I "borrowed" your mint photo to use for a guidebook that I'm trying to put together for our local botanical garden? (It will be just an informal sort of brochure that kids and their parents can use to help identify plants as they walk through the garden.)


go ahead janice!

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