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August 06, 2008


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Barb Cabot

Jerry- this is a WOW picture...could be in a magazine looks so professional and yummy! Thanks for the recipe.


Jerry, this looks marvelous. I love asparagus so I have to try this one....yummm. Thanks for the recipe.


Jerry - is that first paragraph review what you wrote? Seriously, because I remember looking at a Batali book (can't remember which one) in the past, and I thought it was anything but simple. Yet, we love to grill but not with a lot of fuss (especially in the summer) so if these are really "simple to use easy recipes" I'm going to put it on my b-day wish list or give it to Chris for the holidays. ;)


Thanks Barb!

Eden - I hope that you enjoy it as mnuch as we did.After Paul read this post he begged me to make it again on the weekend.

Kim - we've tried three recipes and all seem quite manageable. I hope to try a couple more on the weenend.

I know what you mean about some of these celebrity chef cookbooks - who could ever make the recipes at home? LOL


Sounds good Jerry - keep us posted. (only six more shopping weeks to Kim's birthday ;D).


KIm - this week we'll be making the pork shoulder braciole, chicken thighs with snap peans and agliata, and one of the grilled pizzas. I will let you know how it goes.

six shopping weeks - hmmmm - that is lots of time for folks to try and stimulate the economy in your honour!


I can tell this is a "wow" dish just from your photo. Sounds delicious. (Never owned a single Mario Batali cookbook, but sounds interesting.)


Looks fantastic! Your photo is really lovely. I can just imagine how delicious this was.


Looks fantastic! Your photo is really lovely. I can just imagine how delicious this was.


Looks so elegant and appetizing. I could snack on this all day.


Thanks Syrie - I thinjk the new camera is finally paying off!

Jude - me too!

Chris and his Thyme

Hello there! Just checking out various recipes with Thyme. I want to eat my own plants.

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