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November 30, 2008


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Jerry, thanks! This was delicious, and I'll definitely make it again. As I wrote on my blog, I didn't have turkey so I used a can of kidney beans instead, and it was perfect (I do want to try it with turkey, maybe after Xmas).

Anyway, excellent choice!

Cindy Ruth

Great recipe. I agree the only problem with it is that it doesn't make enough!


Thanks Annie - I think it would be wonderful with a shredded chicken breast as well.

Cindy Ruth - of course the up-side of it all is that it is easy to make!


Jerry, this recipe looks excellent, I can't wait to try it.

BTW, today I finally got around to trying Gina's lemon cookies, which you posted about months ago. (I printed the recipe from your website.)

They're fantastic! Although mine didn't have the lovely white finish that I saw on yours, perhaps you rolled your cookies in icing sugar? I used granulated sugar (the same type as used in the cookie dough itself.)

But I prefer the white dusting on yours. And love that lemony flavour! I just hope they freeze well....


Great recipe, even if picky me doesn't eat tomatoes, cilantro or guacamole! I thought it was great BEFORE the tomatoes went in!
Poor Brad got screwed!

sandi @ the whistlestop cafe

Great choice Jerry!
I made mine last week before I left for Charlotte. I'll make this one again!


That soup looks soooo good! I will definitely have to give it at try sometime. shredded chicken breast Sounds like a great idea as a substitution.


I loved this soup, Jerry. And completely agree about quantity. Next time - double batch.
I had friends for dinner last night and used the rest of the avocado cream for a baked potato topping. Yum.


Sandra - it is easy to pull together and won't result in an overheated sunbeam :-)

Palma - Brad suffers so, doesn't he? LOL

Sandi - I'm with you, this is a keeper.

I think that you'll like it Girasoli.

Deborah - the avocado cream really makes it doesn't it? It is good without it but becomes great with the cream!

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