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December 26, 2008


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Great photos, Jerry -- it looks like a wonderful Christmas! (Especially for Victor and Beckett -- I wonder what effect catnip would have on humans!)

And that cranberry tarte looks fantastic, I was drooling over it yesterday in Gina's book. I had had friends over for Christmas dinner and one insisted on bringing dessert -- gelato. I should have tried the tarte instead....

Cindy Ruth

Jerry-Glad you all had such a wonderful Christmas. As usual, your food looked wonderful. One of these days I've got to make Gina's cranberry tart. I did make the breadsticks, and we ate every one.

Kathryn Gerth

Okay, that's IT...next year I am coming to YOUR HOUSE for Christmas...LOL! You are like the perfect host...your guests must feel well cared for, loved, and very special with all that you do and create. Love the flowers...I am going off now to search peameal bacon as I have no idea what that is and I thought that Canadian Bacon was the bacon of Canada...sometimes one can get to be this darn old and still be this ~~ Kayte


Sandra - note to self - make tarte, gelato is nice ont eh side. Dids you serve some of those great lemon semolina cookies with the gelato?

Cindy - I was going to make the breadsticks but ran out of time, I don't think that anyone missed them.

Kayte - I think that we had enough food for you and the family! *smile*

The cats loved the flowers too and insisted upon climbing up on the table and chewing the greenery - which they promptly brought up all over the carpet. I spent most of yesterday spot cleaning. ARGH

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