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December 31, 2008


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If PC thinks that they are a totally selfless person they are probably deluding themselves. Live on Jerry, Live on!


A wonderful list of resolutions, Jerry. A nice balance of humour, honesty and hostility (at least towards Cda's federal government!) And vastly superior to those beauty-pagent resolutions, to stop world hunger, end all wars, quit using plastic.

I'm planning to donate more to charity this year and not boast about it (oops, there -- I've already broken my resolution!)

Happy New Year, Jerry, to you and Paul, Victor and Beckett. Hope to see you in 2009.


Oh, great list! (and great blog, I always enjoy reading it, even if have been slack on leaving comments)

Happy, healthy and safe New Year to you and your family!!


I think you should be proud of accomplishing 50% of your resolutions. Most people (I think) tend to forget them by the end of January.

Happy New Year to you and Paul and all the best in 2009!


Happy New Year! Looks like a great list. I am still thinking about mine...although I never seem to keep any of them.


It's a wonderful list Jerry!

Happy New Year!


Thanks y'all - I always say that a life is to be lived - let's live iot out to the fullest in 2009!

Kathryn Gerth

I cannot believe JC/PC is following you into the New Year...OMW, life is too short to create such ill humor. Your list looks fun, which is what New Year's Resolutions are all about...more serious things belong on more serious lists, right? Yours was fun and it will be fun to see how it progresses through the year. I never make a list but last year my friends and family made one for me...in fun, of course, because I am such a pain in the keester. LOL. I managed to accomplish some of them...not the ones involving me learning to like chocolate and coffee, however. So far, no list, other than my one and only resolution each and every day: "Go out and do something nice for someone for no apparent reason whatsoever."

sandi @ the whistlestop cafe

Jerry we did a good job of knocking off our lists in 2008. With grace and zest!

Here's to an even zestier 2009!


It is better not to have lists. My lists generally involve things that I really hope to do and a few things that I know I should do. Guess which ones I get done? LOL

Grace and zest - that is the phrase of the day!


Yes, I rather miss those rude comments myself! Happy New Year!


Imagine missing them Palma! We must be twisted. I LOVE twisted though. :-)

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