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August 05, 2009


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Let's hope Octomom manages to sock away some of that money. God knows she's going to need it to pay for her kids' psychiatric care down the road.


i was waiting for this.....


Like Rose, I've been waiting for this, too -- and am fully prepared to blame Stephen Harper for the moral breakdown of our society!

And if the world is ending in December 2012, why the hell am I still putting money in my pension. Someone should have told me about this.


As the wife of a Philadelphia School Teacher, I couldn't agree with you more.DH comes home with stories every day that make my blood boil!


Well duh, isn't everything Stephen Harper's fault??! ;)

Brad'll Do It

One of the miracles of today's society is the ability of our mass media to find stories like this to specifically irritate you, Jerry. Are these folks really deserving of ANY of your energy? I'm with sandrac, if the world's gonna end in three and-a-half years, I may need to change my lifestyle.


1.) the world will not end 12/21/12. the great cycle will start over. Sorry.
2.) most people should not be allowed to breed.I am including my self in this, as some gene poolls should die out.
3.) Steven Harper is not to blame for everything. 50% belongs to Dubya.


Imagine the costs of that therapy laura - it boggles the mind!

Don't read more into this that a tale of octomom and stupid Quebec father Rose! LOL

I think the blame must rest with Harper - bush is gone - we need a 'live' target now.

Sheri - i can only imagine. I can't believe the crap with which teachers must cope on a daily basis.

Brad - sadly there are stories daily that could set off a rant. Clearly I need a life or meds (or both! *smile*). I think that I'd like the days when news was delivered once a week before a movie on a Saturday afternoon.


I can also attest to the stupidity of so many parents. As a teacher, I am constantly shaking my head wondering just where these parents learn their parenting. I can see blaming reality tv shows but Danielle Steele? :)


Well girasoli - I ahve to blame her popularity on something. This seemed to be somewhat of a fit! *smile*

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