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October 31, 2009


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Wow! You are good power shoppers!
I am a lousy one, I went to the outlets last week with a list of things I want and need;spent over three hours and got home with one bag-shoes:)


Yes, Jerry! You and Paul are my power shopping role models, for sure.
I remember being very impressed with that pile of bags at SlowBowl.


LOL. That looks like what our hotel bed looks like when we go to the big city. Great take!


Good job. Now save up for the outlets in Cabazon!


Wow! I may be fast, but I never buy as much.



So do you bring an empty suitcase for the results of power shopping? You do this very well. :)


Excellent job. I am so bad at shopping. Too many choices.


Dang. I should hire you to shop for me. I hate shopping, unless it's for food of course. 8)

Alice Audrey

That's a lot of bags for a mere hour.

Maria I.

I'm impressed! I'm really a slow shopper and in an hour I'll make 1-2 purchases unless it is food.


After reading your blog for the past couple of years, I would definitely say that you are one of the top power shoppers I know. I am guessing the theme was easy for you this week with lots of photos to choose from :)


Wow lots of goodies!

Please check out what my daughter think and more…


That was truely Palma worthy! she would be so proud of you!


It sure isn't difficult to do! I too get overwhelmed by all of the choice - when that happens I just run to a bookstore! LOL

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