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June 15, 2012


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Hi Jerry,

What a week this has been for you. You sure deserved a drink as wonderful as this one :)

I wanted to write you an email, but I couldn't find it so I left you this message here instead. We have chosen this blog post to be on Foodista's Featured Drink Blog of the Day today, Saturday, June 16, 2012. Your blog will be featured on the Foodista homepage for 24 hours. (Roughly at around 8-9AM PST)We wont post any of your recipes on the feature, just a thumbnail-sized photo associated with the link and a snippet of what the post is about. It will be a clickable link so the readers will go directly to you to read more and check out your recipes. Besides posting your blog on the homepage, we will also be posting shout outs on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

We have a badge that we would also like to give to you, one that you can add to your blog sidebar. Just send me an email so I can send you the link to get this badge.



Thanks Alisa. I'll be in touch shortly.


If it's any comfort, I laughed out loud at your pain (sorry -- but you described it beautifully.) You definitely deserved a few of those cocktails.


Looks like this would be a very popular drink Jerry and more than welcome after the BBQ incident.


If Im going to be laughed at Sandra my only request be that it is by someone I like! LOL

It sure was bellini. Once the new BBQ gets operational I see many more of these beverages being mixed up this summer.

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