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January 28, 2013


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Shelagh  (SJ from SlowTrav)

wonderful anecdote!
OK: now you've talked me into trying a hairdresser when I'm in Naples in June!!

Susie L

What a fun post! My husband LOVES getting his haircut in Italy. It doesn't take very long, but the pride and care the barber takes is amazing. His experiences in Venice pretty much match your experience in Rome.


And here I was afraid to get my hair cut in Italy and away from my own hairdresser who knows my hairs idiosyncrasies.

michele Harrison

Well said. From window installation to restaurant meals and lots of places in between we have noticed that pride in a job well done is on the decline. Not sure why.

I just read some of your posts from Rome. Thanks very much for your dedication to this blog. I look forward to it.

Good luck to Paul ( and you ) as he commences a new career at Target.

4 a.m. start - ouch!


This was a fun read...I enjoyed hearing about the differences. Actually, Mark goes to a place like you found in Italy, presided over by a little old gentleman who believes in the "old ways" and is always delighted to pay the $12 and tip. This gentleman is a dying breed. Isn't it amazing that people who are in "tipping" occupations don't try to make the most of that to get the most tip possible? Seems simple to me. Sigh.


SJ - it is a bit different for me - not having much hair I am not too concerned with the end result. In this case it was happy! LOL

Having had the one experience I can see why he would like it so much Susie.

I bet they could figure them out but they might be tempted to do something very different bellini!

Thanks Michelle - it is a happy transition for us all.

I wish there was a wee barber near me like that Kayte. I am starting to hate the big chains!

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