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May 01, 2013


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Fresh herbs and lemon makes this sound very refreshing Jerry. I welcome the salad season, warm sunshine, and long lazy days wholeheartedly. I do need more grains in my life.

sandi @ the whistlestop cafe

This is one I am going to try!
It is like a taste of italy in every bite.


I just discovered farro last year - had never heard of it before then! As you say, it's nutty chew and the amount of fiber and high levels of protein have drawn us to use it more frequently - this looks a treat of a salad! Fresh and tangy dressing! Great addition to the club's dinner!


It was a perfect combination bellini - we loved the fresh taste.

It sure was Sandi. Perhaps you can whip some up for Gail's group.

The problem I have with farro Susan is that it is not as easy to find here in Canada as it once was. I suspect that once it got trendy . . . SIGH I often bring a bag back from visits to the US.


Farro and artichoke are truly Roman ingredients and this salad must burst with flavor!


It tasted like being in Rome Roz! I know that you of all folks would understand that!

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