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May 23, 2007


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I just saw several of these wineries today. Wasn't the Flat Rock building wonderful?

We visited a tiny one down the road from Flat Rock called Calamus that is really young but has REALLY nice wines.

I live in the region, but funny, I never make it out to the wineries. It's nice to see this post to see someone else who enjoyed the same ones I did. (We also hit Hernder and Cave Springs and Stoney Ridge).


Hi Lakme

I'm with you there - I guess we take it for granted when we live so close. Thanks for the info on Calmus, we shall have to check them out!



Another good one if you haven't tried it yet is Angel's Gate. I've been really impressed by what I've tried from there-a very nice cabernet sauvingnon and the Sussreserve Riesling was really nice. My favourite local winery of the new bunch by far.

We bought three bottles from Flat Rock and have tried two...the Gravity pinor noir is really special...the Nadja's Vineyard Riesling rather a disappointment. Rieslings should effevesce, it's part of their charm, but this was really not Riesling.

I haven't tried Twisted yet though.


Thankls Suzanne - we've had a wonderful lunch on the patio at Angel's Gate. I don't think I've tried many of their wines though. Once I'm back in the swing of things after my last vacation (ie have paid down the VISA) I hope to start on more wineries in Niagara!

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