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June 19, 2007


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a whole new look and impression.


I never thought there was a thing as a "too strong" martini :). That's pretty much how I look/feel after each and every one. :D

sandi@ the whistlestop cfe

Poor Paul~ Jerry, you really shouldn't torture him by dressing him up like he tin man.
You are officially not the drink master in tuscany!


I see a grin peeking out from under that pot! I'm all for a bit of silliness in the kitchen! Do NOT serve Paul a martini too close to the BBQ!


Now Rose - you behave or I shall share some of your drinken exploits for all to see!

Kim - I can't imagine you stumbling about with a pot on your head. I trust you don't sip martinis and hop on your bke for a 79 mile trek!

Sandi - that was my plan. I am to sip:-)

Palma - near the BBQ? That would require knowing ehere it was located!

Silliness in the kitchen is grand, hell - silliness anywhere is grand!


Well, Jerry not with a pot on my head, but there are some nights from my younger days where the last thing I remember is dancing on a table ;).


Thank goodness for those 'wild momments'. There are times I feel like a senior yet when I close my eyes it is those momments of youthfull craziness which jump into my mind!


Jerry I think I should have you as the official mixer of drinks at my next party.


Robert - I'm there! LOL

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