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June 21, 2007


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Am glad to see that you have willingly submitted yourself to not one but two cats.

As my mom always told me - they are not our pets, we are their servants...

Both cats are gorgeous and in that last shot I especially love the colouring on Beckett.


They are interesting characters. They are convinced that this is THEIR house and we are just here to care for them and provide for them.


it's a cat's meow (woops world)! Where's Remy?


Now Rose, why would you go and ruin things by mentioning the name of that beast? Remy is safely home at mom's house where she belongs!

Did I tell you what happened a few weeks ago? Mom was over for dinner and we were sitting outside (about 8:30) getting ready to enjoy tea and dessert. Mom suddenly realized that she had left Remy out in the garden before she came over - this 'household' cat had been outside on her own for more than 9 hours! ARGH

Mom broke some speed limits getting home I bet!

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