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July 30, 2007


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gail hecko

Jerry and Paul, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US! Mine was July 2nd. I hope the figs will be ripe when we are in Montisi the first week of Ocotber....maybe I can make some of these wonderful recipes. Yum.



Happy Birthday Gail. We know know about 15 people who have birthday's in that same time period. It is true what the zodiac charts say . . . we Cancers truly are amazing folk!

I would imagine that you could easily find the ingredients in Italy for all of these items. Enjoy

The fig tart would be just as good with marscapone I bet!



I believe "drooling with envy" just about covers it.

Yes, the tart works with marcapone, or half cream cheese (I saw Philly brand in Italy), and half marcapone.

My ONLY consolation that YOU have figs, and I DON'T, is that I have Brachetto! Wish we lived close enough to share both.!


That would be a plan Palma. i do have that small half bottle of Brachetto but I intend to save it for something truly spectacular!

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