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July 17, 2007


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I never realised until now how universal the commuting experience is.

Over the years, and in various cities I have encountered characters very similar to the ones you describe, though I would like to add a few more to your selection:

1) The smelly businessman - looks good in his suit, but stinks to high heaven.

2) The crazy old guy/gal - sits on a seat by himself, muttering, cackling, occasionally swearing to himself (this is VERY common on buses in Dublin).

3) The indecisive traveller - the idiot who stands just inside the train door, or on the platform in the way of everyone else, or at the top or bottom of escalators, in the entrance to the elevators, etc tormented by indecision about whether to get on or off whatever form of transport is in front/behind of them but won't move out of the way to allow others access.

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