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July 26, 2007


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Okay - in defense of the newspaper guy. Sometimes I would leave my paper behind too; I always imagined some, poor, bored person, finds it on the next train ride, and enjoys reading it. I know I did when I found them left behind.

Now my used coffee cup, napkin and brown paper bag go with me. :)


I understand what you're saying Kim. But I just don't know about this guy is far to annoying to think about anyone else. Besides, he rips articles out of the paper and pulls the pages apart. Anyone reading it after him woul dhave to put all of the pieces of the puzzle together!


Oh no, that's unacceptable; the minute you've ripped an article out of the paper (and some would say, done the crossword), you might as well trash it.


Good lord - commuting ettiquette is so confusing! One would think after five years I'd be getting the hang of it all.

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