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July 12, 2007


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While I don't know that I agree with ALL you said, I'm giving your REVIEW of Pirates 3 a big thumbs up. Don't read me wrong - the MOVIE gets a big thumbs DOWN. I, too, thought it was...dumb. Plain dumb. My husband liked it, though. Go figure. Pirates 1 was worth seeing. Pirates 2, a little less so. Pirates 3? I don't think I'll even buy the DVD when it comes out, despite the pleas of my boys and husband. It just didn't measure up if you ask me.


Not seen this last movie of the series, and might give it a miss after reading this. Was not hugely taken with the second movie and I get really annoyed when Hollywood twists old legends to their own ends.

I grew up in the Cape of Storms and heard the legend of the Flying Dutchman from my earliest childhood - that original story is far more terrifying than Hollywood could ever make it in these movies...

P.S. Yes, it is still raining in Dublin. We are now on the cusp of 5 weeks without a single dry day...


Kari - glad to hear it wasn't just me. I thought that perhaps I was just cranky yesterday but others have told me they felt the same. We quite enjoyed the first one but not this one at all.

Next up . . Harry Potter!

Robert - time to move!

I think that great liberties were taken with this storyline . . .

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