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July 16, 2007


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Hi Jerry,

A really nice selection of cocktails there. Just as an aside - what is 'simple syrup'?

To give you an idea about Ireland and the attitude to drink here - last Christmas I was visiting with friends in Cork and I visited a friend of theirs place in Youghall - the entire family (mum, dad, sons, daughters, etc) had been out on 'the piss' the night before and when we got there most of them were still sleeping off the effects of the nights celebrations.

We were ushered into the kitchen, offered coffee, which was accepted, only to find that the coffee was laced with brandy! Once the coffee was downed a snifter of brandy was placed in front of me to try, and another, then yet another...

First time I have ever gotten drunk before lunchtime!


Rob simple syrup is a combination of sugar and water (I do equal parts water to sugar) you boil it until the sugar dissolves and then refrigerate. Some use more sugar and others less, it depends upon how sweet you want it.

I used to work with a great friend from Ireland. She drank all of the time. I have never met anyone like that! It was from Gertie that I developed my impression of the Irish (and yes, I know how silly it is to form an opinion of an entire country based upon one party girl's behaviour! LOL)


Your impression would not be far from the truth though Jerry. Most Irish that I know love a pint. They also hold their drink well by and large and also make very entertaining drunks, and tend not to get aggressive when pissed, which makes pub closing time a much less traumatic affair than I remember it being in the UK...

sandi @ the whistlestop cafe

I'll have a mango margarita please sir, or make that a bellini, or a sangria...=D


Robert - that describes Gertie to a 'T'.

Sandi - Bellinis in Savannah? YUM!

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