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August 12, 2007


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Ah - so the neck pillow doubles as noise reducing headphones? I'll have to remember that for the next trip.


Who knew? I thought you always flew first class Kim - you shouldn't have to worry about noise up there in luxury!


I wish. I wish! Though, Chris did use his limited clout to get me one of the elite seats in coach for my Paris trip. This way I'll be able to plug in my computer to watch movies or write or whatever. There's something to be said for a weekend marriage to a man who flies every single week. :)


Just once I would like to enjoy first class. I don't fly every week but I generally fly 30 - 40 flights a year. You'd think that I'd get bumped up once in awhile! LOL Unfortunately, when I do get bumped it is to a later flight! ARGH

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