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August 18, 2007


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Sounds like a great day out. Your area sounds very picturesque - from the parks to the shops and market.

Did not realise that raccoons would grub in the earth for food - I always thought they were an arboreal species? Quite vicious too I have heard.


Rob - it is a great area (although I leave my general area to find the really wonderful spots! LOL). It was a good day.

In urban settings raccoons will go after anything amd you are so right about they being viscious!


OMW...those raccoons, in the course of one overnight visit, destroyed our backyard, too...it looked literally like a bulldozer had backed up over and over our beautiful yard...I was sick about it and didn't know what to do to prevent it from happening again. A friend told me that if a coon smelled dog urine, it would stay away, so I had our neighbors walk their dogs repeatedly back and forth at the bottom of the property line by the creek and guess what...those coons NEVER came back...it has been 14 years...and a lot of dog walking by our neighbors, who were btw happy to have a place to walk their dogs...LOL! (Fortunately for us the dog walking takes place far from the house and in the natural growth that runs along the creek...so not sure this would work for you there.)


Kayte - that is an interesting suggestion. I thought that dog urine burned the lawn?

Now if only I had a dog. I don't suppose person urine would do the same trick . . . although that particular deed might get me arrested! *smile*

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