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August 22, 2007


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I had deli soup and wheat thins for dinner! This is not ok. Lucky OTHER sister!


Palma - Deli soup and wheat thins - YUM

No need to be all jealous. I would cook a nice dinner for my 'adopted' sister if you ever made it north! LOL

Rose reminded me last night that I have but one sister and if I wanted another one she would have something to say about it! *smile*

gail hecko

I give up. I must be the most cooking-challenged person I know. I'd be in the kitchen for two days if I tried to cook all this fabulous food.

How do you do it??!!!!


Gail - Sometimes I wonder that myself. It helps that I have the most amazing sous chef! *smile*


Actually Gail - now that I think about it I was cooking on and off for 4 days. I try and make as much as I can ahead of time so the work on the day of the meal is minimal - we even had time for naps!

gail hecko

Wellll, I feel a little better, but no sous chef in this house, I tell ya. I'll just read your blog and drool on my keyboard.



Don't do that - it may short out!

Take your husband to a few cooking classes - it will wear off and he will become your new sous chef. Perhaps Palma and I can start working on him in Paalm Dessert in October!

gail hecko

Jerry, this is where I want to go Fall of 2008:


Hoping to talk John into it!


Wow - that looks like an incredible week. I'd love to do something like that some day.

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