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August 26, 2007


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JennDZ_The Leftover Queen

This sounds absolutely to die for! I made a fig jam with balsamic and spanicsh marcona almonds! Very good I must say. I love your addition of the rosemary!

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Thanks Jenn - I love the piney taste of Rosemary with balsamic and figs. YUM

Your jam sounds great - do you share recipes! LOL


Made this at the Beach 2 weeks ago. The taste is wonderful, but it didn't set very well. Pretty liquidy. Any thoughts (I'm new at this)?



Hi Sheri - I haven't had that problem before - in fact I often have the opposite problem - the preserves are far too thick. Somestimes preserves need a week or so in a cool space before they gel properly.

If the figs are older (and likely overripe) much of the natural pectin in the fruit may be gone. In that case you may need to boil longer in order to boil the mixture longer in order to get a good set.

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