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August 13, 2007


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I do a similar "pulled pork" you might like to try. Take the pork shoulder, rub it with olive oil, and lots of Chinese 5 spice (I get it at William-Sonoma or an Asian market). Sear it on the grill, then cook it slowly like you did here, or even in a low oven for 4 hours. Yummy seasoning, and oh so easy.


Wow - that sounds great. I will have to try that one out. It is difficult to even find a pork shoulder roast here - I had to have a butcher make one up for me. I guess that they all get shipped south!


Hi Jerry,

This looks very good. The sauce in particular sounds interesting.

Pork shoulder is also hard to get here - I wanted it to make a mini-porchetta once and found no butcher here stocks it and I would have had to order it in specially.

How did you add the woodchips to the grill? Or was this a barbecue type setup that you used as opposed to the cooker indoors?


Hi rob. The sauce was great - as I said I would double it next time.

Over here you can buy smokers (I don't have one0 they are like a BBQ but all they do is smoke the meat like you find with 'classic' BBQ. You can also purchase cast iron smoker boxes. I have one of those. To use it you soak the wood chunks in water for 30 minutes, put the smoker box on the grill, and hours later enjoy the most wonderful flavour!


Man, that looks amazing! Do you think you can freeze the meat - I can't imagine when we'd be able to eat all of it at one time (unless of course we invited others to partake ;D).


Kim - I'll let you know about the freezing because we froze more than half of the meat. We have a group of people coming over for various dinners over the next few weeks and I thought the idea of mini pulled pork sandwiches as a first course would eb fun!

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