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August 26, 2007


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Hey - I'm Mario too!


I was glad that i wasn't Paula Deen! *smile*

gail hecko

Who in the fig is Angela McKeller?? I KNEW I wouldn't be Paula Deen. You'd have to shoot me....


Gail - she has a blog here: http://www.kickbackkook.com/index.cfm

I had never heard of her and I don't think I want to hear more. Anyone that goes all cutsie by replacing c's with k's is suspect in my not so humble opinion. She seems to focus on cooking with easy to find ingredients and using readily available utensils. Fast and good is my motto during the work week.

Congratulations on NOT being Paula Deen!

gail hecko

Well, I kouldn't kare less that the krazy test says I kook like HER!


Kan you stand kooking like a kook like her?

My lord - someone goes on a cooking reality TV show and suddenly they are a celebrity chef? Whatever happened to some iota of talent . . . hello . . .?

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