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August 20, 2007


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These look right up Brad's alley! I have not indulged him in chocolate for a while, so I might have to give them a try.


Palma - I knew that you wouldn't like them because they are chocolate. I bet Brad would LOVE them - the combination of the Bittersweet chocolate and the sea salt was incredible! If I were you I'd whip up a batch and freeze one 'log' . . . and cook the other up for Brad. That way there is another in the freezer for the next time you 'owe' him a treat! *smile*


Hi Jerry,

This looks like something my sister and my colleagues would love. I will add it to the list of things to bake this weekend. How long do they keep for?


I don't know. We've eaten most of the already! ARGH

The consistency is quite like shortbread so I imagine that they would keep for a similar length of time.

I do think that these are one of the best cookies I have ever eaten (and I have eaten my share of 'em!)

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