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September 16, 2007


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sandi @ the whistlestop cafe

I love cilantro too. I can pick out the flavor in salsa or soup. it makes such a difference.
I need to jump on that Foodie Blogroll... in my spare time.


Sandi - Paul even puts it into salads - YUM

I know that taste is a bizarre thing but I just can't figure out how this herb has caused such a stir.

The foodie blog roll is quite easy to join - thank heavens.


Sounds very good. I don't even mind that there are peas, as long as I can have cilantro. (And the Thai basil would be great here too!)


Actully the peaas were ok. When we took a thai cooking class we learned about these tiny squash which are the shape and size of peas - these are more authentic. In a pinch - go with the peas.

The thai basil is wonderful in everything - I wish I had more of it!

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