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September 24, 2007


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Barb Cabot

Thanks Jerry, The salsa looks yummy...mmmmmm! I'm going to try to make this and hope that my husband will be as great an assistant as Paul. Grazie! or should I say Gracias?


Jislaaik (sorry, no translation) but that looks like a LOT of salsa! And the ingredient list reads like some arcane alchemy experiment (a delicious experiment I might add).

Definitely something that I want to try. How long will the salsa store for?


mmmmmm good! I can almost smell it down here.


Barb - it is my favourite salsa recipe - and we have tried lots of them I add more hot peppers because we like the heat. We also add extra cilantro because we like that. I know some who leave it out (oh no!).

Robert - we never have any which lasts more than a year in the fruit cellar. It is a great way to use up tomatoes at this time of the year.

Rose - I wondered if you had fallen off the face of the earth! LOL If you are a good sister you may get some!


Hey - it's been a busy time for me....and I' always a good sister.


You are? Who knew? I guess some of the salsa will have to come your way then! *smile*

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