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October 28, 2007


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Gail Hecko

I love fruitcake....along with the 10 others in the world who will admit it.

I'll buy one of those beauties and pay for the shipping! Oh yum.


Gail - I didn't think anyone would admit to liking fruitcake! These babies are amazing after they have been soaking in brandy for 2 months - YUM

I like them because they are a family tradition - a wee bit of history as it were.


I'm so relieved to not be the only one who makes you get up early to cook!


Not at all Palmabella - in fact I think I do my best cooking in the wee hours of the morning. I'm fresh and the house is quite - it is MY time (well except for today when it was EVERYONE time!)


Jerry, my husband loves fruitcake and I like fruitcake. Add two more to the 10 people, now we have 12!

How much brandy do you use and do you pour it on while they are warm? Also, do you wrap them in cheesecloth? I'm excited and ready to bake something for the holidays, even though it was 96 degrees here in PD today....

Barb Cabot

Dear Jerry, this post made me laugh so much...your mom arriving so early while you are "baking muffins". You are ADORABLE and so is your mom...what a lovely family tradition. Be well!


Lou - when the cakes are cooled I poke holes in the tops with a toothpick. I then drizzle about 1 - 2 tbsp of brandy on top (I nornally just dump it so I am not sure of the exact measurement!)

The cakes are then wrapped in cloth (cheesecloth would work well), then in wax paper (or parchment) and then tightly in foil.

They 'rest' for about 6 weeks - and then enjoy!

Barb - if you know my mom you would laugh even more - she is NOT a morning person and NEVER early for anything. Paul was still in bed when she arrived - assuming that she would be late and all!

I used to think that we didn't have many family traditions but I am realizing that we have far more than I thought - most involve food! LOL

Have a great week Barb!


Jerry, you've just dispelled my belief that there was only one fruitcake on this Earth and it just kept getting passed around from year to year. I see 15 on your stove top alone (which btw, is three more than you need for the 12 people who like fruitcake).

I can honestly say though, I've never tried it.


It sure falls into the category of you either love it or hate it! For us no Christmas would be the same without it. I suspect it is a British thing.


Wow, you take your traditions seriously!

I like the sound of this fruit cake though. Our traditional one requires boiling and steaming and takes forever (plus requires a huge kitchen or a clean oil drum and an outdoor fire to execute).


Robert - you do not know the half of it. I remember the year I decided not to have a turkey for Christmas dinner. My sister still goes on about it! LOL

This is an easy cake to throw together (especially if you have a helper to chop all of the fruit).

sandi @ the whistlestop cafe

I can see you wasted no time getting your helpers to work. Palma taught you well!
I Love Fruit Cake!


Sandi - you are soooo right - no one can say that I failed to learn my lessons from sister Palma! LOL

Imagine - more fruit cake lovers! Who knew there were so many?


Your right about the turkey! I do still talk about it. However, Christmas without Mom's fruitcake is just not right at all! Love the pics.


Well Rose - I guess if you're a good sister you may have one sent to you.

Guess what - we're not having a turkey this year either! LOL

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