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November 24, 2007


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Sounds really delicious. I've only had lamb shanks in restaurants, never cooked them.


Kalyn - I was like that as well. I had a memorable dish of lamb shanks at the Getty Gallery in LA and thought that I would have to try them at home. I almost gave the recipe a pass because the prep took so long. I am so glad that I persevered!


Looks delicious, actually much more appealing to me than osso buco (go on, call me a heretic!).

I find great pleasure in dishes that take time to prepare, just as much as I enjoy baking for the same reason - it is quality time for me and the process of creating a dish that is beautiful to look at and satisfying to eat is incredibly rewarding.


I do love lamb and white beans... the first meal and, with careful planning, the second and possbily third! (The last being a risotto made from the leftover bits)


Robert - I agree. There is nothing quite like toiling in the kitchen for a day and then truly enjoying the final product!

Katie - I had never thought of a risotto with the leftovers. My lord that sounds good! I shall have to give it a go one of these days.

My problem is that there isn't often much left after we get done with it!


Jerry, the lamb shank looks restaurant grade and your ingredients make it sound delish.

Laurie Constantino

Now that is one fine looking piece of meat. Although I love risotto, those white beans really seem like the perfect osso bucco combination. And Katie's suggestion for using leftovers IN risotto is a good one -- rice and beans, how can you go wrong with that! Thanks for a lovely post.


Peter - they were amazing. In fact . . . I'm getting a craving right now! LOL

Laurie - I confess that I had never really tried too many things with beans before. I can't believe what I had been missing!

A scientist in the kitchen

This is delicious! I love beans.


Scientist - the beans in this dish have an amazing flavour!

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