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December 27, 2007


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I love the Kayak! I 'm sure you will be able to add to the Italy stash in May! I know JUST the place!


I can't wait! Palma. We'll have to find somehting for Paso Robles and Savannah as well.


Oh, I just love this post. We have been to all the places except the Deer Island one...it felt like I was on vacation again. We bought ornaments all those places, too, but chose different ones, so that was interesting to see what you both chose! Thanks for sharing, this was such fun!


Kayte - it is funny the things which bring back the memories isn't it. You would believe the megnet collection on the fridge. At least I think that there is a fridge under there somewhere . . .

Gail Hecko

Jerry, I refer many travelers to the Tourist House Ghiberti. They are so nice and even send a follow-up email to me to make sure everything went well. Absolutely great customer service.

Such fun ornaments!


I agree Gail - we truly enjoyed our stay there (I wish it has been longer!).

We have been gathering so many ornaments over the past few years that we need a second tree! LOL I mentioned it to Paul the other night nad received a 'look'.

Michelle | Bleeding Espresso

I just love seeing everyone's Christmas ornaments and learning the stories behind them :)

Hope you're having a lovely holiday season...and buon anno!


I love learning the history behind beloved Christmas ornaments. I buy at least one special ornament each year as well. This year it was a David Ortiz ornament -- don't laugh! And a silver Champagne flute to remember how much fun we had throwing our holiday party. I love your idea about picking up ornaments while vacationing though. I may have to adopt it for myself.


Sognatrice - there are those who have 'fashion' trees. Not us - we have memory trees.

Erin - there is nothing wrong with having your favourite jock on the tree. It is nice to have ornaments which mean something rather than those which merely look pretty.

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