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January 09, 2008


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Oh man, I LOVE chicken pot pies; they're like the ultimate comfort food but I rarely make them. Way, way fattening. I made this bean and beef pie for Chris that he loves, that I haven't made in 12 years a few weeks ago. I should post that recipe. Oh and I did a seafood potpie by the Barefoot Contessa three years ago that was really good.


OK This is one I will try except between you, Palma and Judith, there is a whole stack waiting to be tried. I can't keep up.


You must have read my mind....I was looking for a chicken pot pie recipe. Now thanks to you, I have an easy peasy one to test out! They look yummy in the tummy. I just need to stay home and cook for a change!


Kim - one of the things I did with this one was to try and decrease the hat content - I used less butter, got rid of the puff pastry, the originally recipe called for half anf half - I used low-fat milk, etc.

Jane - we'll send you the cook book! LOL

Come on Rose, I know that you do not cook! *smile*

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