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January 15, 2008


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sandi@ the whistlestop cafe

I shall be watching for this episode of 'cold case'.


Oh Sandi - that would be fun wouldn't it. The diabolical side of me is twitching now. LOL

chiaro di luna

Jerry, I understand. I use to put my med. size Evian water bottle in the staff refrig. before bottled water was an item.
It was 1/2 empty everyday by a co-worker.
Once I caught on, besides putting my name on it, I put masking tape on it saying:" Science Experiment-Do Not Drink."
That put an end to the thief!


Okay, does anyone besides me find this hysterical? I know, if it were me, I'd be pissed as hell, but Jerry, reading this from the comfort of my couch with Idol on in the background, I can't help but laugh.

Forget the tuna, put some major cayenne or wasabi between the slices of meat.


I love that plan chiaro - everyone would understand too because there are all sorts of experiments going on in that fridge! I think the whole thing is hazardous.

Kim - don't get me wrong. I've had many a laugh over this - once I got over the initial spark of passionate anger.

I could just imagine how the cayenne pepper would work . . . I'd forget, take a huge bite, and have to run to the bathroom. LOL

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