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January 14, 2008


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Laurie Constantino

This looks completely delicious in every way! I really like the idea of serving the succulent pork on top of a bed of swiss chard. Great recipe.


Thanks Laurie - all thinks have to go to Jamie Oliver though! LOL The chard was a paefect foil for the richness of the pork and the sweetness of the fennel.

Ulrike aka ostwestwind

I saw Jamie on a German cook show, I have to say, I like him more and more


Great post about fennel! Fennel seeds are one of my very favorite flavors. I have no idea why I haven't cooked fennel as a vegetable; it's been on on list "to try" forever. The recipe sounds good and I have heard things about Jamie's cookbooks. (So many vegetables and cookbooks to try! What a good problem to have!)


Kalyn - I'll be posting another great fennel recipe shortly. We made it on Saturday night - it was pasta with fennel, onion, and sausage. YUM

Ulrike - I used to not be such a Jamie Oliver fan but I guess he's growing on me. I like the way his recipes are relatively 'approachable' for non-cooks.


I just wondered if you have to cover the pork with foil while you cook it?


Claudia - we didn't.

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