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January 24, 2008


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Driving in once a week sounds like a good idea! Enjoy your day off!


Anything would be better than putting up with this motley crew! LOL


You forgot some, there's Talky, who gabs on her cell phone for the entire ride, so by the end, we know which of her friends are talking to the others, which aren't, who they're dating, and if we're really lucky, the sexual exploits of all. She's usually on the opposite side of the car from full_of_myself, who while also on the phone, must make sure he talks constantly to different people so we all know how important he is.

Lest we forget, there's Rudey, who moves the seats so they're facing each other and then proceeds to extend his legs on the seats across from his, with hus muddy shoes messing up the seat, so even if someone needed to sit, they wouldn't. He's usually some where near, Shoppy - you know her, the lady who puts her shopping bags all over the seat next to her - forgetting there's a rack overhead for such baggage ... well ... we all know she's not really forgetting.

Ah, Jerry, you're train posts bring back such good memories. :D

Kim Riley

Hi Jerry

I love your site, of course my favorite person in the world gave me the link ( Rose King). I truly can't wait to have the pleasure of meeting you I hear so much about you!! :) Great site

chiaro di luna

Sounds like a fun way to get to work.
My DH does the drive in all kinds of weather, but DS takes the train into T.O. like you. I'll have to ask him if he has met some of those folks on his route.
I've been waiting for a train post. It's been awhile. Post more often, please. J.


Kim - I can always tell another commuter! We've met some of the same folk.

Thanks Kim - be sure to keep Rose in line down there.

June - your DH is brave. I think I'd go nuts if I drove more. I love to drive but don't like the other nuts on the road.

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