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January 10, 2008


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barb cabot

Wow Jerry I want Rose to be MY sister! What a thoughtful, great gift. I didn't know how to PM you but I wanted to tell you I just registered for Savannah. I'm soooo-oo happy to be joining in on the fun! See you and Paul in April!

gail hecko

Wow, that all looked yummy. I think we have an opening one night in Montisi for a guest chef.....:)


Barb - that is excellent news about Savannah. I look forward to seeing you again.

Gail - perhaps you can talk Paul into it! LOL


WOW, looks good and I'm sooo glad that you enjoyed the night! I want the cookbook though....what's with all of the age comments....geez....25 is a great age!


I'd be happy to share the Montisi kitchen with Paul! I'll make the dip, but we'll need to pack Hawaiian chips! lol


Rose - it has been so long since you've seen 25 that you can't even remember it! LOL

Palma - that would be a sight. We've onbly got to the point after 10 years where we can share a kitchen without histerics. I'm not sure about 'strangers'. What the heck are Hawaiian chips?


hi there any one no how how i can preserve baby eggplants in a great flavour?


Sally - I don't have a recipe for preserved eggplants. If you google Emily Richards she has a web site with contact information. I bet that she would share this information with you!

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