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January 28, 2008


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OMW, this is so not fair to post all these wonderful photos, descriptions, etc. and me with not a dim sum place in sight. It's like all the bloggers posting beach and warm sunny days photos...enough to just make one quit trying to keep up the happy dispostion of "Soon spring will come," altogether.

Seriously, it looks like you had a great time with wonderful food...thanks for letting me live vicariously.

David H

So there was Paul you and who else? That can be the only explanation for 13 different dishes; not that I was counting of course :)


Looks great - nice and Yummy!!


Dave - Edith was there. She eats a lot! LOL

Kayte - I am always reminded of how great the food scene is here in the Toronto area. I take it for granted!


Man, that looks amazing. When I finally get to Toronto we're going there! The baked pork buns are my favorite too.


Rose - we thought of you when we were there. I'm not sure that you would have enjoyed it because we didn't know what we were eating half of the time! LOL There was a lot of seafood (although you could order off of the menu).

Kim - there is a Chinese bakery about 2 blocks from my office which makes incredible pork buns (I am about 3 blocks from Chinatown here).

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