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January 27, 2008


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I have seen photos of this building and thought..."hmmmmm...." so it was really nice to have your little blurb of explanation on the relationship to the mineral exhibit. I will read further...thanks for the inspiration to do so.


Kayte - it is a fascinating piece of architecture. The interior galleries are wonderful. It is a shame that not all of the galleries will be open for a few years but there is enough there to keep one occupied for hours.


Why am I the only one that thinks the building is an ugly modern explosion of metal and glass next to a nice looking building?


David, I have heard others say similar things. Architecture is such a personal thing - like art. Some like it, others do not.


I agree with David, it does not fit with the old heritage building beside it. It looks like a ugly monstrosity sticking out of the side of the other building. The designer did not take that in to consideration. Is that not what a good architect designer does? That is why it has been voted one of the top ten ugliest buildings.

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