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January 26, 2008


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Mmm...looks good - did the pancetta cooking well just being done in the oven? Was it greasy?


Kim - the pancetta crisped up nicely and didn't add a lot of grease to the pizza at all. If your pancetta was fatty I think I might fry it a bit first in an effort to cook off some of the grease.

Anna Haight

This looks wonderful Jerry! Thanks for participating in WHB this week.


Arugula and pancetta on pizza sounds just fantastic to me! Gorgeous.

Laurie Constantino

Jerry, everything about this looks delicious. Tomatoes and pancetta are so good together, and the arugula is the perfect taste refresher with this. Great recipe!

gail hecko

Jerry, will you fix this in Montisi for us? It has all my favorite flavors (and colors)! Per favore?


Anna - love the way you put WHB together by colour!

Kalyjn - arugula is great on anything - we also like it on sandwiches instead of regular lettuce. When we were in Italy it often got tossed on pizza near the end - that is where I got this idea.

Thanks Laurie!

Gail - if Palmabella lets us into the kitchen I will whip up a pizza or three. LOL

Jana Martinez

A pizza that is colored and added with tomatoes is my favorite. Pizza and tomatoes are my two favorite foods to eat whenever there is a chance for me to cook.

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