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February 29, 2008


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Thanks Jerry - how sweet to create a cocktail for the Febloggers!

I love banana cream pie, so this sounds amazing! Hmm, now I wonder if I can talk Dave into running up to the liquor store for me...


Jerry, this really looks delicious! I wonder if that will count as one of my fruit servings for the day.


JERRY!!! This is fabulous. Leave it to you to come up with a very special way to celebrate February 29th.


Thanks Jerry! It's been a fun month. And that martini looks awesome - I love banana flavored anything so I need to give that one a try.

And thanks so much for the link to the Nova Scotia folk artist site - great stuff! I'd love to know what you bought from him.



Yummy! I am going to have to drink this martini 'virtually' because I don't have the ingredients in the house to make it for real. It has been a fun February blogging with you, and I'm sure you will continue to be an inspiration to me to continue blogging regularly.


Virtual martinis are the best . . . no silliness will ensue. *smile*

Paul will have the real one for y'all.


Congratulations everyone, and thanks for the martini, Jerry! I didn't realize that you had blogged every day for TWO months already!


Beautiful, Jerry....yea, all of us!


There is nothing like a nice drink to toast accomplishments! If y'all blogged for a year I'd need to really put something together! *smile*


Wow, talented, thanks. I've decided to continue the daily posts. That martini makes me want to die, my mouth is watering. I have my eye on your martinis for when I can have a cockatail again.


What a great way toast us all!!


Oh no - it looks as if folks are going to blog for March as well. I had bette get busy on my martini mixings!


Jerry, martinis, we must drink martinis in Savannah!


I think that they are required on the midnight cemetery tour.

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wow...that makes me so happy. i'm a huge tina turner fan and think that she's absolutely the greatest. it's such an amazing thing to know that i share that opinion with a woman who broke so much ground in the music scene.

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