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February 06, 2008


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I forgot until I saw the news last night that yesterday was Malasada Day here in Hawaii (the Portuguese version of Pancake Day). If you have never had a Malasada, you must try one some day.

From my "Welcome to the IHOP, I will be your waitress" days, I got hooked on buckwheat pancakes (perks of the job - free pancakes). I LOVE buckwheat pancackes but have not had them in years. Those pancakes look soooo yummy!


And I forgot to add, I think you "tap" Maple Syrup but am not positive.

Kitchen Goddess

They look really good. The idea of buckwheat flour really appeals to me.


Girasoli - I used to work in a pancake house as well - the Golden Griddle. I was the one cooking the pancakes. Pancake Tuesday was our busiest day of the year. I shall look out for Malasada - they sounds interesting.

Kitchen Goddess - I was a little skeptical at first, never having had buckwheat flour, but they were really good. The consitiencey of the batter was different but the flavour - WOW!

angie - alias tuscanartist

My oldest family member 97 has made buckwheat flour pancakes for generations but she never put blueberries in them. Here I am trying to avoid sweets in my last two months of expecting and then I see this photo that makes me want to die


Angie - I can't imagine avoiding sweets ins some form or another! LOL It must be a real challenge in Paris.

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