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February 28, 2008


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That looks pretty tasty. There's a local restaurant (Novo in San Luis Obispo) that has a chicken, brie, and apple sandwich that I love.


Jill that sounds like a great combination too. Where were you with your knowledge when I was looking for information about San Luis Obispo?


Jerry, if you want a new job and sunshine, can I hire you as my personal chef? Benefits: swim in December, volley ball on the beach in January, sandals to work, no shovels in the garage. What more could you ask for?


Jane - considering that it has been - 20 degrees all week and is now snowing AGAIN it wouldn't take much to get me on the plane! LOL


Yum, I have saved the recipe to make for my sister one day soon. She loves a great sandwich. This will surely make her mouth water with anticipation!


Gee Anne - I still have another entire round of brie I could send your way! What was I thinking buying so much bloody brie? I know, I wasn't thinking at all.


I love Brie, I will make this Sandwich soon, with a homemade Baguette! Thank you for the inspiration.


Wow zorra - a homemade baguette. That would make this sandwich just perfect!


I agree, Brie is just delicious. Your sandwich sounds fabulous!


Thanks Kalyn. Now I have to come up with a way to use the other wheel . . . any suggestions?

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