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February 18, 2008


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gail hecko

Jerry, I love wild boar and look forward to eating my fill every year in Tuscany. YUM.


That looks good! I will have to look for some wild boar meat to try.


I can ALMOST taste it!


Yum - I think I'll have an easier time finding the wild boar than I would the juniper berries. I remember trying to locate them for a turkey brine recipe and I never could. So in which store in the city did you find them?


I loved the cinghiale with pasta that we had in Montalcino a couple of years ago, and I would love to recreate it. Lucky me, I DO have juniper berries (I bought them a number of years ago and have never used them). So, my only task now is finding the wild boar. Palma, where should I look?


Gail - I am looking forward to eating some more boar as well in Tuscany.

Kevin - there is supposed to be a supplier in the ST Lawrence market but I have yet to find it. I shall have to keep looking.

Palma - we'll be tasting lots of it in three months! YEAH

Kim - I went back over my New York trip report. The wonderful store where I found the Juniper Berries was the Garden of Eden Food Emporium. I understand that they have a few outlets. The one we went to was right off of Union Square.

Nancy - the boar was the tricky part for me as well. If you had a good Italian restaurant int he area they might be able to provide you with a source.

angie - alias tuscanartist

My ex husband is a hunter so i ate alot of game in Florence. I collected the juniper berries off the bushes in Chianti. After the marinade he would always put the meat in the heated pan with nothing for a few minutes to chase out the extreme gamey flavor, it would always release some water. Then he would start the recipe and often used a pressure pot, opening it at various moments during the cooking.

I wish I could have had some of that


Angie - it sounds as if the recipe Jamie suggested was similar. I was surprised at how much liquid it released. This boar wasn't gamey at all (although I suspect it was raised on a farm and not hunted in a forest).


Thanks Jerry - I usually try to hit the area around the market a few times over the summer, so I'll pop in then (setting myself up for some fall cinghiale).


Kim - I'm jealous. It would be so nice to be able to pop into NY whenever the mood struck.


Well, Jerry - if you don't mind a 60 minute train ride, you can always crash here. :)


60 minutes? That is what I do every day to work now! LOL

Max Contax

I shot two wild boar a year ago, we got 208 lbs of freezer ready meat off them and have been eating it ever since. It's quite good but I still prefer venison

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