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February 23, 2008


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I think "teaser ads" can be effective, if the tease doesn't go on so long that noone gets the point, and eventually everyone becomes frustrated! And even in our age of irony, this looks to be a bit too much....

On a related topic, do you remember a dozen or so years ago, when Taster's Choice instant coffee did its teaser ads with the sexy guy and gal who were neighbors, but only began to chat when one needed to borrow a cup of instant coffee....the ads were set up as a series of little 2-minute soap operas that took a while to actually get to the coffee. That was kind of fun. But a long time ago....


I took the bait and spent a good 15 minutes or so on google trying to figure out just what Obay was. Make sure to share with us the next installment of adds.


Sandra - I remember those ads. They were so effective because they had a story. The Obay ads might get there - right now they are sparking a discussion. I'm not sure that folks are bright enough for it though! LOL

Girasoli - nice to know that I'm not the only one. I'll post an update when I see it.


I find this add campaign so bizarre. Who's behind it? I see that it says on smaller type on the bottom " from the makers of why because I said so. Is it actually a drug? For the parents or the kids.


No drug - I think that they are trying to be funny. The humour was over the heads of a number of the folk on the subway though. *smile*


I wonder if the people it's directed toward would even take the time to "get" the message.


Psychgrad - exactly. I doubt that they would pick up on the irony or even have the time to stop, read, and make sense of it.


Say what you will, but if I could spike Sammi's chocolate milk with some of that to get her to clean her room, I'm all in! :D


My parents would have purchased Obay in BULK!

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