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March 08, 2008


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Oh this does sound fantastic. It's funny because I have a recipe on my blog with that exact same title, but I think your recipe looks better! Mine doesn't have tomato, which sounds wonderful!


This looks like a keeper, Jerry. How r u enjoying the return to winter? We are enjoying 12 degree spring like weather here! *smile*


Kalyn - we've been doing a lot with roasted grape/cherry tomatoes lately. I think because it is the only thing we can find at this time of the year which has a good tomato flavour!

Rose - be carfeul what you say. I think our snow is headed your way. :-)


That does sound delicious! And those cute little tomatoes... I'll have towait a few more months for those, but I've got everything else - evenb some frozen thyme left from last summer!
I just keep telling myself: winter will be over soon!


Katie - these are the only 'fresh' tomatoes we can get this time of year. There are many greenhouses around us which keeps a steady supply in the shops. I guess you can get fresh herbs year round there either? Again, we are lucky with greenhouse cultivated herbs. I forget how spolied I am.

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