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March 07, 2008


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And, I am wondering how many times your name comes up in Jamie's blog tracking...LOL.

This was a very interesting post...enjoyed it very much. Fun to see just how the circle comes around.


Jerry, this has always been a point of fascination with me, too. Some of the searches are quite bizarre and often don't result in much of a stay. BTW--check your spelling in the last sentence. :)


OK Jerry, since YOU brought up the spelling thing.....did you mean to type "LOSER" in the firs tline....or was this a comment on your personality!? (ROTF!)


LOL - I didn't bother editing this post because of all of the errors on the search phrases. Thank you Barbara and Jane for your assistance.

Barbara - YES!

Kayte - the jamie oliver thing is a source of fascination for me. Guess what? We're doing two more recipes from his book this week! Apparently I'll do anything for a few clicks.

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