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March 24, 2008


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Jerry - the mushroom and goat cheese strudel looks awesome - dare I ask for the recipe? My girlfriends and I are headed to France in 3 weeks and this looks like a fantastique use for some fresh goat cheese from Provence!



Jessica - I'd be happy to post it tomorrow. I am jealous about your trip to France!


It all looks delicious. I AM horrified at Paul outside in snow in a SHORT SLEEVED shirt!


It sounds like you had a very tasty day. From the stuffed french toast to the mushroom strudel to the ham dinner to the rhubarb dessert. I too am interested in the recipe for the mushroom strudel. I look really good!

Barb Cabot

Jerry, as always you out do yourself. What a fun Easter for all. I made your key lime pie for our family Easter brunch. It was a huge hit! Thanks for sharing. See you real soon in Georgia!


Jerry, the thought of peameal bacon made my mouth water. It's an incredible travesty, but you cannot get the stuff here in Seattle. You should see what they pass off as "Canadian bacon" here. It's horrible.


Jerry, what culinary treats you had for your lucky Easter guests.

The Easter hunt sounds like so much fun too.

I love that lamb!


funny thing was Palma that he wanted to get all bundled but I said 'you won't be out there very long, suck it up'. He was out in the colf longer than expected. Opps

At least the martini kept him warm.

Kevin - it is amazing. The recipe should pop up later today.

Barb - I'm glad that the key lime pie was a hit. Mom was hoping I'd make it again! Imagine, Savannah is only 9 days away.

Laura I too am amazed at the so-called Canadian bacon you can get in the stores. ICK When we head up to the market we buy a 10 LB hunk and chop it up for the freezer. I'll think of you the next time I knock some back! *smile*

I guess everything can't be amazing living in Seatle, if a lack of back bacon is the worst that comes your way then you lead an idyllic life!

Thanks Eden. Boy that lamb was a HUGE hit. Who knew?

sandi @ the whistlestop cafe

A butter Lamb????
I thought only someone from the south would get away with that.
You must be in training for Savannah.


Clearly I have spent too much time hanging around you gals. Of course, the lamb would melt into a puddle in the south.


Wow what a great party! Your line about "doing chores" cracked me up. Good for you for finishing them on Friday!


Cooking isn't a chore for me. Cleaning and tidying - those are chores!


I have never seen or heard of a stuffed french toast. I sure looks delicious. Have you posted a recipe for stuffed french toast that I might have missed somewhere?


I'll post the stuffed french toast recipe tomorrow.


As always my mouth is watering when I read about what you cook, especially the passion that you put into the presentation and fun, lucky Paul.

I was dreaming on Easter about decorating Easter eggs and having an Easter egg hunt with the little baby coming. A euro hunt souds better though.


Thanks Angie - I am sure that holidays will take on an entire new meaning with a little one about the house.

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