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March 21, 2008


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What a brilliant idea! It never occurred to me to use this salad for St. Pat's.


Something to remember for next year! It was an amazing salad, thank you so much for the original recipe.


Great looking salad.
I've just started buying beets here - red ones. It's rather strange because they are cooked... but, handy as well!


I've never seen cooked beets in the store (well, canned ones but they don't count!) Beets are one of the few vegetables that we can find here in good supply throughout the winter.

Laurie Constantino

HA - I just made a similar salad with red beets and gorgonzola (still have to write it up), but too bad I'm not as smart as you or I would have added the arugula. Great idea.


Laurie - I take no credit for smartness (or anything else these days). The recipe was all Elise's. All I did was skip pomagranate seeds and ditch the feta. *smile*


I love the sound of this. Anything with arugula gets my vote. (Plus blue cheese, mmmm!)


It was a great salad Kalyn. I agree with you about the blue cheese - many things are better with blue cheese. To think it took me some years to aquire the taste. . .


Beautiful and brilliant salad! Very well done.


Thanks kitchen. It has the hallmarks of a great dish - quick, flavourful, and an attractive presentation. Thanks Elise!

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