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March 09, 2008


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Definitely sick of winter here, too. I keep clicking my heels together and repeating three times, "There's no place like San Diego...." Apparently only works in movies with yellow brick roads and munchkins as I am still here. HOWEVER, that photo of yours of the snow by the restaurant was really enchanting and lovely. Here's hoping spring comes soon to those of you further north than am I.


Even you you are probably going to shoot me, they are all great snow photos!!


I hear ya - I don't need to break any records. Bring on spring.


wow! having seen snow twice in my life i find those photos so amazing (wonderful, beautiful, frightening, freezing)!


I'm with you kayte - it is time for some spring. I had to buy a pot of tulips to bring some spring inside.

Girasoli - I won't shoot you but I may toss a snowball at you! LOL

Exactly Psychgrad - so many other wonderful records to have set.

Anna - only twice? My goodness you obviously have some top notch karma.


Oh, yes, photo of tulips, please, if only in the background of a food shot...I will be very appreciative, I promise. Tulips definitely say spring...I must go in search of pot for myself.


Ugh, I am so glad that storm turned to rain by the time it hit NS. We did get a skiff of snow overnight, but nothing like this, thank God! I am still sick of winter though.


Jerry, I'm sure that someday we'll look back on this winter's weather and have a good laugh about it. Of course, by then I will have gone quite mad......


Anne - behave. My sister was bragging about how little snow she had received in Glace Bay. Grrr

Sandra - too late for me too ;-)


Brag, I will my dear brother! It's gotten colder here buts still no snow. In fact, I noticed a flower trying to pop up in my garden yesterday....Sorry but it's always Cape Breton that get's the weather, this time it wasn't so I have to laugh at you folks - did they have to get the armed forces out to figure out how to clear away the snow??? *smile*


Don't be confusing us with Toronto you bad girl! I guess with all of the bad winters you've had down there you deserve a nice one. At least the island has something going for it now. LOL


Jerry - want to know my secret to having the snow plow men clear my driveway? It's a technique many of my neighbors wish I would share. ;D


I don't know if I dare to ask Kim! LOL

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