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March 26, 2008


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I'm salivating all over the keys, and had to back up!

I've been dreaming of porchetta, but the fennel sounds great. I like the term "winey and garlicy".


Palma it was amazing . . . we had leftovers tonight. YUM


The fennel sounds great. I thin that Jamie Oliver needs you as a ood photographer.


Angie - I have become a real fennel convert of late.

Do you have Jamie's number? LOL

Noreen Anderson

I live in Florida and don't remember ever seeing pork belly at either my supermarkets or the local butchers shop. Is it avilable in the US?


Noreen - pork belly is available in the US. I don't see it in the market often but when I do I scoop it up. I have had success with asking the butcher in the grocery store or butcher shop to set the cut aside for me. This is definitely worth looking for!


Can you please tell me the best way to cook this in 2 oven AGA. would I start in top oven then move to bottom and for how long?

Patricia Atkins

This recipe is the best I have ever done using the belly pork and wine. the belly pork is from my local butcher and it is great. A mouthwatering dish thanks Jamie


Anne - we don't have AGA ovens here in Canada (or if we do I have never heard of them). I assume that the top oven cooks quickly. If that is the case then you're correct - cook it int eh top at the highest temperature for 10 minutes (this makes the delicious crackling). Then put it int he bottom oven at 325 to cook long and slow. The result will be delicious!

Patricia - I am glad that you enjoyed it. It is one of our favourites as well. Hmmmm . . . I have 2 pork belly pieces in the freezer right now . . .


I am in the US (moved here from Yorkshire). I have to have my local butcher order it from Canada as that part of the pig is used to make American bacon you have to get it before that is what it is turned into! Anyway this is a family favorite and we've made a fair few American converts to Pork Belly.


I know what you mean. We had a challenging time finding it here in Canada. However, we are nothing but persistent (especially when food is involved). LOL

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